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Hi there, I'm Sakura Sneeze! I may sneeze a lot, but that doesn't stop me from spreading love and positivity wherever I go. My allergies to pollen may be a challenge, but I've turned it into an opportunity to help others by creating a website with real-time pollen data for Berlin. With my bright, twinkling eyes, I'm always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. So next time you feel those sneezes coming on, remember to keep calm and sneeze on with me, Sakura Sneeze!
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🀧 Sakura's Pollen Forecast:

πŸ“… Date: 22.07.2024 / Berlin, Germany

🌰 Hazel: out of season
🌳 Alder: out of season
🌿 Ash: out of season
🌲 Birch: out of season
πŸƒ Grasses: moderate
🌾 Rye: moderate
🍁 Mugwort: moderate
🌼 Ragweed: out of season
🌸 Sakura Sneeze Fediverse Bot 🌸

Sakura Sneeze API Documentation 🌸

Welcome to the Sakura Sneeze API, a kawaii gateway to unveil the whimsy of nature's sneezy secrets 🌺. Our API, residing at the base URL, brings the pollen forecast right to your digital doorstep. Whether you're in Deutschland or dreaming of the vast landscapes of the USA, we've got you covered (with a cute little face mask, of course!).

Getting Started πŸš€

Before you can jump into the whirlwind of pollen data, you'll need an API key. But don't you worry, we're not about to let a tiny thing like that stand in your way!

Free API Key πŸ—οΈ

Yes, you heard that right! We offer a FREE API key to start your adventure. But that's not even the best part.

Full API Access for Free!

You can gain full, unrestricted access to the entire API at no cost. How, you ask? Simply send a little 'Hello' to in the fediverse. We've taken this unique step to ensure that big, scary corpos can't just waltz in and scoop up our data. This way, we keep our community cute and safe!

The Pollen Scoop 🌼

Currently, our database is blooming with pollen trends for both Germany and the USA. A little heads up though:

  • Germany: Dotting every 'i' and crossing every 'T', our data here is pretty accurate, thanks to open data sources.
  • USA: Take it with a grain of pollenβ€”these are mere predictions, but crafted with love and a touch of science.

Using the API πŸ“š

Let the adventure begin! Here's how you can start querying the Sakura Sneeze API for your daily dose of pollen predictions:

Endpoint Structure

GET /[parameters]

Required Parameters

  • apikey: Your personal API key. Remember, without it, you can't unlock the magic of the pollen forecasts.

Optional Parameters

  • state: Specify the state for which you want the pollen forecast. If you leave this out, we default to "BE" (Berlin, Germany).
  • date: Want to know if you’ll be sneezing next Friday? Enter the date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Rate Limits (For Free API Keys)

We have a little garden gate to keep things orderly:

  • Free Keys: Limited to 10 calls per hour. We need to make sure everyone gets a fair share of the garden after all!

Example Request


Response Structure πŸ“¦

You’ll receive a lovely, JSON-formatted response filled with:

  • Date and Location of the forecast.
  • An array named forecast containing:
    • plant: The name of the plant.
    • emoji: A cute emoji representation of the plant.
    • level: The forecast level, like "moderate" or "out of season".

Let's Keep in Touch! πŸ’Œ

We're all about spreading love and pollen (mostly love). So if you have any questions, adorable suggestions, or just want to share your experience with allergies, reach out to us in the fediverse. Together, we can make the Sakura Sneezes even cuter!


This API is provided as is, with all the kawaii flair but no guarantee of absolute accuracy. It's meant for personal use and fun explorations into the world of pollen forecasts. Always consult professional sources for critical information.

Happy exploring, and may your days be lightly dusted with pollen and filled with joy! 🌸🀧✨