picoCAD Stuff by Ramses

Oh' hey!

Hello I am Ramses and I have made fun low-poly 3D models with picoCAD. My inspirations come mainly from Berlin and from my life.

picoCAD is a program to build and texture lowpoly 3D models. You can buy this tool here. I am not associated with this tool, I just like it!

I'll be honest, I don't even know how 3D modeling works - I'm just trying my hand at it!

For tips and tricks I am very grateful, just write me on the fediverse!

Slaught-O-Matic Vending Machine

Brendan the friendly vending machine from Cyberpunk 2077 now available in PS1 graphics!


With the Budget Arms Slaught-O-Matic you are the king on the streets of Night City - cheap and secure!

RAZR V3 - Hello moto!

The best mobile in the world!


A cube to play with!

Dumpster (Twitter HQ)

A low-poly render of the actual Twitter HQ. Ok ok, it's just a dumpster at @robinwill's request.

Yum Yum (shrimp flavored)

A shrimp flavored Yum Yum instant noodle soup, requested by @BenJammin.

@0x17's Cyberdeck

@0x17 built his own cyber deck to do cyber things. This cyberdeck is so sexy that it is now available as a low-poly render!

Piece of pizza

A delicious slice of pizza with lots of cheese


At the request of @disi there is now a bottle of Listerine. Perfect for cleaning teeth and floors of all kinds!

Cyberpunk 2077

Good morning night city!

Doom 2

It's time to save the world again with this Christian game!

Korg Volca Bass

A practical device to create basslines.

Arturia Keystep Pro

A handy keyboard for musicians!

Arturia MiniFuse 2

An audio interface from Arturia

Arturia Beatstep Pro

The Arturia Beatstep Pro, a practical sequencer for musicians!

A special music CD

Never gonna give you up!

Artuira Microfreak

The best synth in the world - at least for me!

Noodle Box

A delicious box with pasta and glutamate!


A not very successful home computer. With mouse, wait there is something wrong.

Windows 95 CD-Version

With this operating system you will conquer the world!

Resident Evil 1 PS1

Sleepless nights because of zombies!

Play me VHS

Since I played this VHS a woman keeps coming out of my screen, help?!


It spins and spins and spins.


Will you join us for a bratwurst?

Polycarbonate MacBook (2006)

This device will overheat and then never turn on again, but it looks like fancy plastic!

Verteilerkasten #2

Meet me at the gumball machine by the two distribution boxes!

MiniDisc #1

A relic from a forgotten era.


Should not be missing at any LAN party.

H-Milch 13,37% Fett

Fresh juice from the cow! It's supposed to be healthy...


What if we meet at Schlecker after school to steal something?

Chaos Computer Club Postkasten

This mailbox is not connected to BTX but it is totally CYBER! Thanks to @fre for the idea!


Like e-mail only analog and slower!


Public toilet and bulky smartphone without features!

Verteilerkasten #1

Does the Internet live in it?

Revengeday MiniDisc #1

Who wants to listen to Revengeday music on a MiniDisc player? Only insane people do that.

Can I steal it?

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