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Mizuki Monsoon ☂️

Hey there! I'm Mizuki Monsoon, the weather hacker extraordinaire! With my special skills, I can always predict the weather forecast by hacking into weather stations. Follow me for accurate weather updates and a peek into my world of hacking and weather magic!

Fediverse Bot

Weather Forecasts

Live: Berlin, Germany

🗓️ 2024-07-22 - 🕒 Now 04:08h
🌡️ Temperature: 22.4°C
💨 Wind Speed: 9.3 km/h
☁️ Cloud Cover: 86%
🌈 Condition: Dry
💧 Relative Humidity: n/a

Mizuki Monsoon Weather API V1 - dev build 1715467904
Data sources: Deutscher Wetterdienst

Display forecast for the next 3 days

About & Data sources

Meet Mizuki Monsoon, a creation by Ramses Revengeday, born out of a need within the Fediverse for more bots sharing data about Germany's capital city, Berlin. From up-to-the-minute pollen reports to weather updates, Mizuki and Sakura are here to add a sprinkle of fun to your timeline. It's worth noting that this is more of a passion project than a serious endeavor, so take it with a pinch of salt!

Feel free to tap into Mizuki's API, although be aware that since it's still in its beta phase, there might be occasional hiccups and changes. For the latest updates, make sure to follow Ramses on the Fediverse. Mizuki sources its weather data from the OpenData API provided by the German Weather Service. For more details, head over to the DWD OpenData website.

Mizuki Monsoon Weather API V1

Base URL

The base URL for the Mizuki Monsoon API is:


Request Parameters

  • date - Specific date for which weather data is requested (Format: YYYY-MM-DD). If not provided, current date is used.
  • time - Specific hour of the day (Format: HH). If not provided, all available data for the day is returned.
  • lat and lon - Latitude and Longitude for the location. Defaults to Berlin if not provided.
  • 3days - Optional. If set, returns weather data for the next 3 days.
  • now - Optional. If set, returns live weather data. This parameter ignores time.

Example Usage

Requesting Current Weather Data


Requesting Weather Data for a Specific Time


Requesting 3 Days Weather Data


Sample Response

A sample response for a weather data request might look like:

        🗓️ 2023-05-21 - 🕒 15:00
        🌡️ Temperature: 20°C
        💨 Wind Speed: 5 km/h
        ☁️ Cloud Cover: 50%
        🌈 Condition: Sunny
        💧 Relative Humidity: 40%

Error Handling

Errors are returned as standard HTTP status codes, alongside a message detailing the error in the response body.